OEM Furniture


                                                    OEM Furniture

Qilin offer the furniture industry an extensive line of quality products.

With approximately 10000sq ft of manufacturing space, Qilin has specialized in the home furniture manufacturing industry since 2014. We are also currently exporting to various countries around the world.


OEM Capability

Our professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to have the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of new products in accordance to our customers' requirements.

Our ability to provide customized labels and design services for our clients also provide a competitive edge.

The company has 50,000 square meters. The Furniture Production Industrial Park, with more than 100 well-trained employees, serves every customer with the spirit of “focus, efficiency, passion, innovation, gratitude and reward”. 

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Our Production Lines

Our advanced production machineries enable us to meet the demands of our clients worldwide. Our reliable staff are fully trained in the production process.

Production Lines : 6   
Factory Size : 50000 sq ft
Production Staff : 60    
QC Staff : 15    
R&D Staff : 10    
Design Services Offered : Yes
Customized Label Offered : Yes

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Major Products&Service

With priorities in total quality management, manufacturing and exporting expertise, we have successfully gained the confidence of our retailers and importers by producing excellent furniture that is both stylish and craftsmanship.

We specialize in producing all kinds of high quality stainless steel furniture, wooden furniture, including dining table, dining chair, coffee table, porch table, side table, TV cabinet, lounge chair, sofa, etc., suitable for family, hotel, restaurant, banquet or outdoor.



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