Choosing The Right Design For TV Stand

Choosing The Right Design For TV Stand

The television is the focal point of every home and hence it begs to be showcased. Hence, having a great TV cabinet is of utmost importance. And your cabinet needs to do justice to your amazing, sleek TV that you are so proud of. But most importantly, it needs to be sturdy to be able to support the heavy television.

So here are some points that will help you choose the right TV cabinet.

Viewing Heights
Nobody wants to crane their necks while watching television. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also is not good for your neck either. The TV stand should be able to position the screen of the television at eye level.

Though the recommended height is 42 inches, the appropriate height for your cabinet depends on your sofa or chair height. This becomes easier with adjustable cabinets where you can easily adjust the height of your required display.

The size of your cabinet is also of utmost important, because if your TV does not fit the stand then that is an inconvenience. Likewise, if the cabinet is too big, it is not aesthetically pleasing. Think about the wall space or floor space that will be required before you make your purchase. The total length and width of the stand definitely need to be bigger than the television, but don’t make it so big that your television looks tiny on the stand.

Your television requires a sturdy base. Which also means that your cabinet needs to be strong enough so read that manual and find out whether your cabinet is suitable for your particular TV type before you make your purchase.

Room size
The amount of floor and wall space you allot to your TV cabinet also depends on your room. Your room should always be taken into consideration before you make your purchase. If it’s a large media room, then you need a larger cabinet because otherwise it will be visually lost.

TV cabinets are available in a wide range of designs. There are rounded bases, asymmetrical shapes, staggering shelving, the list goes on. This piece of furniture is going to be an integral part of your home.

Hence it should not look out of space. Select a cabinet that goes with the mood of your home. You can choose a simple one with geometric lines to keep it minimalistic, or go bold and moody with darker colors or even try out something funky. Get s creative as you can as long as your furniture does not look out of place.

Glass, metal, wood, medium density fiber board, and particle board are the five common materials TV cabinets are made of. TV stands to be moderately heavy, the material used need to be long-lasting. Metal, plywood, and wood being long-lasting are the favored material. Glass can also be sturdy but always have a risky of breaking and can be especially risky if there are children or pets at home.