Custom TV cabinets need to pay attention to the problem

Custom TV cabinets need to pay attention to the problem

With the popularity of the customized market, consumers are no strangers to custom TV cabinets. TV cabinets are generally tailored to the consumer's individual needs. Customized links are interlocking. If you don't pay attention, customization will become "pseudo-custom", which has caused many people's concerns. .

TV cabinets poured into the custom market, turning into a "pseudo-custom"

Unlike brands with custom experience and background, another large number of merchants who are pouring into the custom market are actually diverting from the finished TV cabinet. Transforming colors, scaling, and placing the same design elements on TV cabinets of various categories is a "routine" for many finished products. In fact, some sensible consumers have already seen it. Not to open up new designs and production models for customization after the scenes, it is simply to "process" the original TV cabinet, so the customization is obviously only to find a place in the market. Some of the so-called custom brands may not even have decent custom home drawings. If there is no professional custom team and a complete and smooth customization system for technical support, more slogans are just rhetoric.
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Want to identify flaws, but also have to look after the sale to identify "pseudo-custom"

Like all home improvement and home consumption, TV cabinet basic after-sales processing can actually see whether a brand has an important identification of mature customization capabilities. The merchants who reject the after-sales demand of consumers on the grounds that "TV cabinet is customized and not repaired" generally have low manufacturing levels and incomplete industrial chains. Consumers need to pay attention to the fact that when selecting a TV cabinet merchant cooperation, the corresponding after-sales service content should be indicated in the contract. Once the merchant is found to be interested in avoiding such problems, it should be carefully selected.