TV cabinet rack and floor cabinet style difference between the two styles

TV cabinet rack and floor cabinet style difference between the two styles

With the prevalence of electronic products such as mobile phones and iPADs, the appeal of TV sets is far worse than most people. But in every home, it is still the existence of standard equipment, but the "treatment" is no more than before, can no longer monopolize one place, more is to combine TV with TV cabinet, not only can put TV well, but also decorate The most important thing in the living room is the storage of storage. In the design, the common types of TV cabinets are mainly two types of rack-type cabinets.   
                     TV cabinet
Shelf type

The combined TV cabinet can be combined with a home cabinet such as a decorative cabinet or a wine cabinet. The combination uses a back-shaped layout. A unique TV wall. There is also a large storage space for flats with a wide range of depth and width.

Floor cabinet

The cabinet is the most common and most versatile TV cabinet style, and the simplicity is not occupied. The floor cabinet type adopts a one-line layout, has a certain storage function, and is simple and airy, and is suitable for a house with insufficient depth and narrow width.

In addition, if the living room space is relatively narrow, it is also possible to use the L-shaped combination of the ground cabinet and the vertical cabinet, so that the space can be effectively utilized and the space is layered. If the living room has more space, you can give priority to the combination.

When installing a TV cabinet, you first need a good style, which must match the overall decoration style. Secondly, you must measure the size in advance.

For example, the long width of the TV wall, the length and width of the TV, you must first understand the size of these things before buying, to avoid the need for subsequent replacement of the wrong size, it will be very troublesome.

One point that the designer deliberately reminds is that before installing the TV cabinet, pay attention to the height of the TV cabinet. Under normal circumstances, we are sitting on the sofa bench to watch TV, so the size of the seat also affects the height of the cabinet to a certain extent, so when determining the height, you can see whether it is at the same level as the height of the TV cabinet after sitting. This height allows us to enjoy the most enjoyment while watching, without the discomfort of the back and neck.