What are the basic skills for buying a living room coffee table

What are the basic skills for buying a living room coffee table

1. Material and style echo
The living room coffee table on the market is generally divided according to the material. There are pure glass and metal with glass and solid wood.

Because the living room coffee table material is different, the suitable decoration style will also be different. The pure glass material and metal with glass material coffee table have a clear and rich three-dimensional effect, which can make the space larger. It is more suitable for fashion and modern. Decoration style. The wooden coffee table gives a gentle feeling and is very suitable for matching with leather sofas or fabric sofas; while the marble table tops with solid wooden legs can also be matched with Chinese style.

Second, choose according to space
Choosing a living room coffee table, you must choose different coffee tables according to the inherent space of the living room. If there is enough space for the coffee table in the living room, as long as the coffee table matches the main sofa, the color and height requirements will be less strict. If the space for the coffee table in the living room is too small, you can choose some more elaborate coffee tables.
living room coffee table
3. Functionality is gradually changing
To choose the coffee table for different purposes according to your needs, if it is placed between the single sofa, you can buy a small coffee table. A large coffee table can be purchased before the two-person sofa or three-person sofa; if the sofa is placed at the corner or at an angle, a square coffee table can be placed between the two armrests and close to the corner to fully Use space. If the coffee table is not just a tea set, but also used to place newspapers, telephones, flowers and other objects, you can choose a double-layer, three-layer or drawer coffee table.

4. Harmony of color matching is the key
For the color matching of the coffee table, choose a coffee table with the same color as the surrounding furniture. Try to avoid the color jump too large. Red and green, black and white and other colors. The contrasting style with obvious contrast will show an alternative effect if used well, but A little improper will appear tacky, so try not to choose a contrasting coffee table easily.

V. Selection according to safety performance
The corners and corners of the coffee table must be smooth and safe, and the joints must be strong and firm. After all, the coffee table is placed in the living room. If there are children at home, it will inevitably bump. If the corners and corners of the coffee table are unsafe, it is easy to cause children to be injured.