TV Cabinet 1988

In steadiness, it shows the king's elegant demeanor; it abandons the ostentatious complexity and deduces another simple, clear, elegant, decent and romantic life style.

제품 목록


Designers will be quality, quiet, elegant life into the product design, so that home works more emotional. Elegant light color system and natural materials complement each other, and the details seem to be inadvertently decorated. The natural flexibility and luxury breath are cleverly brought into the home world, which also makes life feel noble.

Product name: postmodern tv cabinet
Type: Living Room Furniture
General use: Home Furniture, TV cabinet
Material: Metal,Stainless Steel,Toughened glass,Marble,Wooden
Place of origin: Foshan Qilin Furniture
Brand name: Qilin
Model number:1988
OEM/ODM: Accepted
Color: As shown in the picture
Appearance: Modern style

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